Video Surveillance CCTV Systems

We repair and Install CCTV Systems

Using a closed circuit TV surveillance, you can monitor your premises even
while on vacation. Our sophisticated web access IP based CCTV system will
allow you to remain in control from any place in the world as long as you have
internet access.

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More Services To compliment your CCTV system

Access Systems

We install and repair access control systems ranging from a simple lock and key through remote controlled door buzzers and all the way to sophisticated access systems that utilize cards or fingerprint identification

Magnetic Locks

Obviously, you will need a lock to compliment any access control system. Click on the header for more details.


We install and repair all kind of intercom systems. Whether you are interested in simple door buzzing intercom and all the way to digital video intercoms


The locks on the doors, are the basics of any security and access control system, and as such we will be able to fix and install anything from a simple lock through high security deadbolt locks and all the way up to advanced Magnet Locks










Camera Systems NYC

What do you want from a Camera systems NYC service provider, a good security service or Closed circuit camera TV system in your office or home? Yes the good security service has become a common public demand. We the Vantage Security System NYC offer you to experience the possible best security service to our customers. You may be new in this market. Are you looking for a good CCTV security service provider, or a good Locksmith or any other security system? We are the Vantage Security System NYC is waiting for your phone call eagerly. Call us at (718) 635-0510 to get contacted with our customer care executive. You can ask for any security problem solution to them. They are ready to provide you the free consultancy. There are other firms available in this industry, but we can provide you the best service which is possible in practice. So it is better to take the camera security or any access security system from us.

You may get robbed! May be thief is at your house! We don’t want these to happen to you. But unfortunately sometimes the actual scenario is completely reverse to our desire. So, you need to introduce a high level of security system at your home and business or office to avoid thief and robbers. The criminals always tend to find out an easy way to enter your home and office. So, they can cause you a great loss by robbing your office. These causes some undesired losses, sometimes people become frustrated. Camera systems NYC and the other access security control system can take you out of these types of problems. We the Vantage Security System NYC provides you with a good quality of video surveillance while you are not at home or at office. So, none is able to enter your place. But there are some few other ways to get satisfied with the security system. They are the use of ultra modern technology in security system such as card punch system, code number system and finger print system. All these can make sure a high level of security.

A client always wants to have any service at a low rate. We provide such service that can never be meet up by any ordinary security service providers. So our rate should be so high because of our market demand. But thinking of the common people who are willing to take such a system at his or her home and also thinking about their affordability, we keep the price lower. You need to ensure a good price to ensure a good market demand. We believe in this theory. So we try to offer you our services at such a rate which is so easy to afford for any earning people. People of all kind, such as poor, middle class and also the high class people can take this service very easily at their own home and office. The Camera systems NYC also support the internet, so you can be notified about the security condition by internet.

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