Intercom Repair & Installation

We offer installation and repair of a wide range of intercoms, and can help if you are looking to repair your faulty one

We offer all kind of intercom systems to suite all kinds of applications, starting from enabling easy and secure communication channel in your home or business through basic residential building intercoms and all the way to high definition digital video intercoms

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More Services To compliment your intercom system

CCTV Systems

Closed circuit television system to allow you to monitor your home or business. Don't forget to ask us about the remote internet monitoring feature

Magnetic Locks

Obviously, you will need a lock to compliment any access control system. Click on the header for more details.

Access Systems

We install and repair access control systems ranging from a simple lock and key through remote controlled door buzzers and all the way to sophisticated access systems that utilize cards or fingerprint identification


The locks on the doors, are the basics of any security and access control system, and as such we will be able to fix and install anything from a simple lock through high security deadbolt locks and all the way up to advanced Magnet Locks

Intercom Installation & Repair Service

Intercom Repair Service

We repair all kinds of intercoms, starting from very old building and home intercom systems and all the way to the latest digital ones. Just give us a call, and we will be more than happy to fix your problem.

Apartment Intercom

If you are looking to install a new intercom system in your building, or have issues with the already installed system, our professional intercom technicians will be happy to help.

Wireless Intercom

Wireless intercoms are great if you are looking for an easy and quick setup, or in case the running wires is not desirable or possible. The wireless intercom systems range from simple walkie-talkie like systems and all the way to color video intercoms

How Soon Can I Get My Intercom Installed/Repaired

The length of the installation process primarily depends on the number of intercom units and the layout of the premisses. In case you need to repair a faulty intercom, it will depend on the complexity if the installation of your current intercom system. In case of a repair, our intercom professional will analyze and pin point the problem and will present you with the solution. In case of a brand new installation we will probably be able to schedule your installation in the next few business days.