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We repair and Install CCTV Systems

Using a closed circuit TV surveillance, you can monitor your premises even
while on vacation. Our sophisticated web access IP based CCTV system will
allow you to remain in control from any place in the world as long as you have
internet access.

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Access Systems

We install and repair access control systems ranging from a simple lock and key through remote controlled door buzzers and all the way to sophisticated access systems that utilize cards or fingerprint identification

Magnetic Locks

Obviously, you will need a lock to compliment any access control system. Click on the header for more details.


We install and repair all kind of intercom systems. Whether you are interested in simple door buzzing intercom and all the way to digital video intercoms


The locks on the doors, are the basics of any security and access control system, and as such we will be able to fix and install anything from a simple lock through high security deadbolt locks and all the way up to advanced Magnet Locks











The most demandable service in the field of office security is the installment of CCTV NYC. Many a CCTV companies are available here in New York City but all of them are not the well performer. We are the Vantage Security System NYC assure you to provide the possible best service and also ensure about the safety and the security of your office. You can also take a close circuit camera for home use also. It will provide you a high level of security at inside and outside the home. Nowadays the law and discipline has been fallen down in the city. The crime is happening almost every day in the city. The local police is trying to take the situation under control but it is not an easy task. So what you need to do is nothing but ensuring your own security. Keep your home and office free and safe from the miscreants and criminals by introducing our Close Circuit Camera in your place. The high quality performance of this device will surely make you satisfied and also feel safe.

The CCTV is a system which includes several components. The main component is the video surveillance section. This section consists of several hidden cameras. They are of different shape and can be placed at different points. As a result they can monitor each and every corner of the place and nobody can do any criminal activity due to that. The wireless network connects all the cameras with the central unit. The other part which is also an important part of CCTV NYC is the DVR or the Digital Video Recorder. The video is captured by the camera and this unit keeps the record for further inquiry. Another important part that helps to keep the place secure is the survey monitor. This is the monitor or digital display system in which the video captured by the cameras are telecasted live. A security officer usually monitors the large are just seeing at this monitor. This system has made the security procedure so much easy. Now you need to keep your eye on the monitor. If you find anything wrong you need to rush at the point immediately.

In this way you can make sure your security. If the security question is not given preference then you are in a risk of any types of undesired loss due to the criminal activity. It is threatening to your business. So you need to keep your business place safe and sound by buying the hidden cameras from us. We also provide the after sales customer service. You will be allowed to consult with our experts. It will not take any cost for you. You just need to call at our office numbers. Our customer service officer is waiting to response you. We try to keep our product and service charge lower. We give the value to your money. And we always try our level best to make the best use of your money by providing the best possible service. So we recommend taking CCTV NYC from us and remaining tension free.

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