Video Surveillance CCTV Systems

We repair and Install CCTV Systems

Using a closed circuit TV surveillance, you can monitor your premises even
while on vacation. Our sophisticated web access IP based CCTV system will
allow you to remain in control from any place in the world as long as you have
internet access.

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More Services To compliment your CCTV system

Access Systems

We install and repair access control systems ranging from a simple lock and key through remote controlled door buzzers and all the way to sophisticated access systems that utilize cards or fingerprint identification

Magnetic Locks

Obviously, you will need a lock to compliment any access control system. Click on the header for more details.


We install and repair all kind of intercom systems. Whether you are interested in simple door buzzing intercom and all the way to digital video intercoms


The locks on the doors, are the basics of any security and access control system, and as such we will be able to fix and install anything from a simple lock through high security deadbolt locks and all the way up to advanced Magnet Locks










CCTV Systems Brooklyn

What is the maximum security level? What do you prefer for a security system? A CCTV can be a solution. But there are a lot of CCTV systems Brooklyn service providers in Brooklyn, New York. But all of them are not of the same quality. All of them cannot offer you the best possible service. All of them do not have the same level of experience. We the Vantage Security System NYC are working on ensuring security at your office, residence or any other important place for a long time. We have a good level of experience in managing the security of our customers. We believe that our customer feels satisfied with our service. We are not new in this industry. We now know the public demand very well and we try to take our service in such a level which can ensure the satisfaction of public demands regarding the security system. We work to ensure the security. We usually provide the video surveillance service, intercom service and locksmith service. We can provide you the best possible service in the mentioned area.

We provide our service in New York City. But we also provide security ensuring service in the boroughs of New York like Queens, Brooklyn. So you should contact us if you need any security assurance service at your home. You can also take our service for your office and stores also. So feel free to contact us by phone. Call us at our number. You can also visit our office. We provide free consultancy. You should consult with our experts before getting the service from us. They can provide you the best suggestion and we recommend following their advices. CCTV systems Brooklyn, controlled access system and lock smith service in Brooklyn provided by us can give you a taste of best quality service.

We actually fix the cameras at your desired place and also provide after sale maintenance service. You will be notified about all of these if you present at the consultancy session. You will also know that our pricing is not too high. We try to keep the price of our products and services within the limit. We never let it to cross the limit in such a way which is really a great problem for our customers. So all of our customers whether old or not, get our services at a relatively low rate. The rate also varies with the service quality. But you will be happy to know that we do no compromise with the service quality.

Before moving to the end we want to give a little idea about our CCTV service. This service ensures an overall security for your home, office. This works by combining the operations from three departments. One is surveying, two is recording, and the three is monitoring. All the three units work together to ensure you and your asset's security. You are also allowed to take get updates of the video surveillance by internet. So keep yourself secured by our CCTV systems Brooklyn service and enjoy your life.

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