Video Surveillance CCTV Systems

We repair and Install CCTV Systems

Using a closed circuit TV surveillance, you can monitor your premises even
while on vacation. Our sophisticated web access IP based CCTV system will
allow you to remain in control from any place in the world as long as you have
internet access.

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More Services To compliment your CCTV system

Access Systems

We install and repair access control systems ranging from a simple lock and key through remote controlled door buzzers and all the way to sophisticated access systems that utilize cards or fingerprint identification

Magnetic Locks

Obviously, you will need a lock to compliment any access control system. Click on the header for more details.


We install and repair all kind of intercom systems. Whether you are interested in simple door buzzing intercom and all the way to digital video intercoms


The locks on the doors, are the basics of any security and access control system, and as such we will be able to fix and install anything from a simple lock through high security deadbolt locks and all the way up to advanced Magnet Locks










Security Camera Installation Queens NY

Security cameras come in various sizes and forms. All kinds are available at Vantage Security Systems since we practically exist to make your home a safer place. Whether it is the wireless surveillance camera or the wired one; we have the mechanism to have Security camera installation queens NY at your place easily at good terms. Our rates are light on your pocket and the rates for gadgets are competitive. This way you won't be wondering that hiring services of another company would have saved you a few bucks. We already offer you our services at optimal cost.

At our company, we offer you counseling services for your home security needs. We discuss all your concerns with you before we lay out a security plan for you. Wireless security cameras are good for your places in the sense that there are no wires for burglars to cut and tamper with. Moreover, security camera installation if wireless; goes with you wherever you go. They can be installed at your new premises again. Security cameras help you keep a watch out for people who are on your driveway. Many big houses where the residential building is away from the gate have these cameras. People in the home can see who is coming long before they reach the front door. There are new advancements in the technology driving smartphones on a daily basis. One of these is the ability to link your smartphones to the surveillance cameras in your homes. As the connection exists through the internet, you can keep an eye on your home, your kids, the garage and the driveway even when you are many miles away from home. Security cameras that are wireless work over the internet and there are no issues about missing a program on the DVR. Vantage Security systems not only carry out the Security camera installation for you, we also repair and maintain the cameras long after they have been installed.

Security camera installation queens NY also exists for cameras that are attached through wires. Our staff is competent and technically skilled to handle both kinds of installation. The benefits of both cameras are the same. Additional benefits of the wireless are installation at a quick pace without requiring the services of a professional. However, given the sensitive nature of this device, we would always advise our customers to seek professional help from responsible security companies like ours.

Vantage Security Systems is the market leader in security devices and consultation. We develop a relationship with our customer that is based on mutual benefit, trust, satisfaction and convenience. Even after we have provided the cameras and installed them, we answer our customers’ calls for repair and maintenance. Though our warranty speaks for the quality we provide but that does not mean any problems don't occur. However, you will always find us by your side. For a Security camera installation queens NY that is truly meant to enhance the safety of your homes and give you a peace of mind regarding the protection of your valuables and premises; your only smart choice is Vantage Security Systems.

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